When in Rome..


This is such a city that has been on our wish list for years. And we even booked a ticket twice to go, but due to family circumstances we could not go and now the time had finally come! Do you know that movie “when in Rome” .. we have seen it so often in the meantime, but now we are really going to admire the Trevi fountain live and all the other beautiful sights. Truly an open air museum, we got that feeling when we walked around in this beautiful city .. Because we walked a kilometer and saw a lot, but still not everything! So when in Rome will definitely be continued !! #bySissgoesRome 

Our four day trip Rome with only hand luggage is already a challenge for us, but let the adventure begin .. Nothing or no one would stop us from going to this magical city! 

We are not those twins with a whole things to do list that has been ready for weeks, but we are those twins who think they can stuff everything in four days! And that worked out really well! You can do everything on foot or take a hop on hop off bus very ideal and then you can give your feet a little rest. Best tip: take sneakers in your suitcase to walk those many miles! 

And there they come, our hotspots and tips for a city trip Rome 🌞: 

Spanish steps 

A busy square with a beautiful fountain and the Spanish steps. The more expensive shops, well-known brands, can also be found here .. and don’t forget to take that Instagram-worthy photo with a delicious Italian ice cream in your hand😋😍 

Vatican City with St. Peter’s Basilica & the Sistine Chapel 

Make sure to book a ticket with a guide in advance. The queues are otherwise so long and especially in the summer months it is very intense (warm)! And go to the square at noon on Sunday, because then the Pope will give his blessing. Hopefully you are lucky that he is not on a 

working visit, because this is very special to be able to experience such a moment. 

Second-hand shopping 

In the small streets by the river you can find super nice vintage shops with affordable and very beautiful items .. We have scored a nice bag and grandpa hat, which still makes us very happy. 

Fave coffee corner – Fabiorganic 

This relatively new organic tent is located in a hidden street behind the Vatican. The coffee is delicious and the brownie especially !! Btw the service is very sweet and handsome! 

Favorite Pizzeria – Pizza di Trevi 

Around the corner from the Trevi fountain is a cute pizzeria with super sweet service and affordable and delicious (gluten-free) pizzas. Even the 

World Cup football we saw live on a screen, a lucky moment for us as football fans 🙂 

The Trevi fountain – Fontana di Trevi 

Last but not least the Trevi fountain! The story goes, that if you throw a lucky coin in your right hand over your left shoulder you will return to Rome, meet the love of your life and get married .. And you have to admire the Trevi fountain at night, this is magical! 

City, how beautiful you are! You have met our expectations and even more than that! We’ll be back … would this be because of the lucky coin? Magic is everywhere .. 

Love xoxo Esme & Mardy