Sunny Barcelona


Citytrip Barcelona ~ hotspots 

Time to write this Twinsstory about Barcelona.. in the plane going home to Amsterdam. Perfect time to write stories ☺️ so be ready to read all about our hotspots in the beautiful city Barcelona which has it all..💫 


For healthy lunches & brunches you have to go to Brunch & Cake. Last time we went to the location in the city centre and this time we tried Brunch & Cake at sea. A really nice cozy spot, it is quite known and popular, but the food is worth waiting💛 

For brunch & dinner you should go to Flax & Kale. We went to this place with twinboys we met at the boulevard of Barcelona. One of them now lives in Barcelona and his brother from Vienna visited him. Thanks twins because it was so good! Healthy (vegan) food, a lot of choice with cute names and the taste is delicious! 

And to enjoy a good dinner we recommand also these two hotspots! The first one is Makamaka, we love the name by the way! They have the most famous burgers in town! And our second one is the Surf House, a good option for vegetarians and they have the best colourful juices. The place is with seaview so for the best sunsets just stay and sit & drink. 


We love the cozy bars just like Surf House to have a drink and mingling with people. But at midnight people go to different clubs! The bigger ones with great DJ’s are next to eachother on the boulevard. We went this time to Opium. A really good place to go out dancing with friends and have a good time. And girls put on a cute outfit because the lucky ones will get in free;) 


This time we booked a really small bed & breakfast. The best advice is to book it on time and nearby the Ramblas is central, so you can easily walk to the city centre & the beach. And you can grab a cab on every corner of the street. Also the little tuktuks (bike taxi) are the best, because they pass the traffic jams 👼🏼👼🏼.. 

Have a lovely time in Barcelona and let us know your hotspots, because we certainly are going back soon! 


The Dutch twins Esme & Mardy