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Mexico travel

Traveling around with our EASTPAK through Mexico.. the country where our mom and dad celebrated their honeymoon.

What an adventure and we have seen and done a lot and visited so many special locations and met a lot of lovely people ..

In our blog you will find all our highlights from sleeping addresses to eateries to transport tips.. Enjoy reading.. and we hope we can soon all schedule a new adventure ..


We had our first stay at the hostel Selina .. Selina is a well-known hostel and can be found in many countries.. hip, affordable, cozy and a central location with fun activities. So if you like karaoke then you’re in the right place too 🥰

To do.
A shuttle at the airport is super easy and don’t forget the ADO bus, because it takes you everywhere and it is very affordable! The ADO bus is also still comfortable to travel with. Make sure you always have some cash with you .. you don’t have a card option everywhere and you can’t find an ATM at many places or one that works 🙂

From Cancún you can take the ADO bus to Chiquila and take the ferry to Holbox (two options: ferry 9 hermanos or fast ferry). You can buy a Holbox Ferry ticket at the bus station.


Maya hotel Y residence – very close to the harbor .. the tourists are brought to their accommodation with a golf cart, but this is not necessary, because you can walk to this stay ..

Coffee. Food.
Here are some nice places on HOLBOX. A Mar café, Artisan vegan food and Painapol coffee.

To do.
The Three island tour, this is fun to do for a day. Then you will see pelicans, flamingos and you are always surrounded by the most beautiful blue water ever ..

From the moment you get off the Ferry in the port of Chiquilla it is two hours by bus to Valladolid.


A must see is the Muuch hotel, the breakfast and shower are really good! And try the Blueberry pancakes with fresh fruit and yoghurt in the morning :-)..

Zentik project hotel, it’s easy to grab a cab when you carry heavy bags. The hotel is well known, because of its swimming pool in a cave.. and last but not least you have a swing bed ..

Coffee. Food.
Cold brew & vegan avocado toast & a delicious brownie you will find at Asoletan, And you need to get a cup of coffee at the cute little café Café del professor Pitagoras.

To do.
Private tour to the cenotes and Maya temples. Try to go to a private senote where you are all alone. Cenotes are one of the world miracles so blessed to be able to experience that. With our private guide it was the best to do! A road trip in Mexico is really fun.

By the way Oxxo supermarkets are everywhere and that coffee to go americano or fuerto (veryyyy strong coffee!) is fresh and so yummy and so cheap!


The place to be ..

Booked a few nights at the Aruma boutique hotel in Tulum city. A perfect place for a few nights.

If you want to stay somewhere a bit more luxurious, choose Coco Hacienda Tulum.. Lovely to stay before traveling to Playa del Carmen

To do.
Rent a bike by Kelly’s .. you have to pay a deposit or leave your passport but you will discover beautiful Tulum by bike ..

Coffee. Food.
Healthy vegan food by la Hoja Verde especially the pizza with mucho olives was our favorite over there!

Brekkie or lunch by matcha mama in town or nearby the beach.

RAW love by the beach, it’s a 100% plant based free of refined sugar no use of animal products place

Prieto for a coffee to go & frozen yoghurt with all toppings you like!

Coffee Ki’bok, we always bought our first coffee in the morning over there .. 🥐 and you are ready to go ..

Just take the ADO bus .. the bus station is opposite the town hall .. perfect for another day for this trip to Coba to climb a Mayan temple, because that is still allowed here.


Re-booked a Selina hostel for one night, this place is really central and nice to finish your trip!

Coffee & Food.
La Senda is a nice healthy spot for smoothies & brekkie or lunch things ..

..and that was our story about our perfect trip to Mexico .. really a destination to add to your bucket list ..

Happy travels,

Love x M&E