Curaçao  – HOTSPOTS. 

Curaçao, really you are our favorite island and that is why we would like to share these nice hotspots with you ..💕 


In any case, you will be happy with the pearl “number 10”, first of all the staff is very sweet and helpful. But we must also confess that this is the case on the entire island. For the dishes and the place you should definitely not skip this place and you are guaranteed to go back again. We went back three times (do not tell more 🙈) Tip from us: taste the fresh nut bread, that bread is so yummie ..🐒🐒 

Beyglz is located in Willemstad. And indeed “bagels” for lunch .. there is also more to order but a nice spot with lots of good food so definitely worth a visit. 

Fleur de Marie should definitely not be missing on your to-go list. For vegan options and the cute 

vintage atmosphere top for a bite to eat. This spot can be found in Willemstad🌻 


If you want to go snorkeling, do it with Myronchi Trip 🐢🐢 you will definitely see turtles and it is a very special day with the nicest local guide and guy! You are not short of anything so what are you waiting for;) we got this tip by the way from number 10 ☺️ 

Klein Curacao, was one of us that was on our ‘to do’ list so we just went this year! We booked online and went with Catamaran black / white and this was a great idea! But be careful, even if you are not seasick, it is quite a violent boat trip .. ok, the blue sea, the white beach and the food make up for everything !! 

Also plan a day to visit several beaches with a rental car .. We recommend Playa grandi, playa piskadoi & playa forti. The water is pure blue and the underwater world here is breathtaking! And 

sunbathing on your bed with this view is of course also the ultimate holiday. 

And then there is a fairly new place to visit, because the Kokomo beach bar should not be missed! Very chill, a nice menu, nice people around you, so don’t forget this hotspot! 

Everyone goes to Zanzibar for the afterwork drink, so even if you just have a holiday. And then in a tent further you can still go for the after party 🙂 

You can really dance every night on Curacao, but our favorite evening is Wednesday at Cabana. Atmosphere, music, people, really when can we go back?! 💫🎶 

Enjoy and happy travel dushi’s💜 

With love, 

Esme & Mardy