Veggie Twins

Veggie Twins

For us, a life without meat is quite common. We twinnies have been vegetarian for over 10 years 🐷🐮🐥. And that’s why we really like to notice that there is more attention for vegetarian food. Because there is also more and more vegan choice on the menu! In the beginning it was quite difficult to eat out, because there 

there was always only one veggie dish on the menu, namely something with “goat cheese”. Seriously we can no longer see goat cheese 🙈 so we are very happy with this week;) and with so much more choice when it comes to really delicious vegan recipes that you cannot resist! So are you participating this week ?! Just try it! 

We are happy to share our vega hotspots and fun easy vega recipes with you. Let us know, of course we will write a nice new twins story about this! 

But already one vegetarian hotspot that we must immediately share with you. Of course we can’t resist 🙂 Visit SLA. SLA is currently located at 

several locations in Amsterdam, but now also in Utrecht. SLA is a Valhalla if you want to eat delicious vega. At SLA you can also compile all possible salads yourself. Easy does it! We are secretly a fan of the vegetarian pumpkin soup and you can order it as a meal soup, so that the soup is also deliciously nutritious! Nomnom;) 

Love xoxo Esme & Mardy